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Blue water navy is operated globally across the open oceans. It consists of force navy and it is controlled in wide range. The blue water navy is also called as brown water navy or green water navy. It allows all the countries to project power form their own places and it contains some aircrafts. Smaller blue water navies are present and it is used to carry the vessels over the abroad for short period of time and dispatched.

The force protection is given to blue water navy from the sub surface. It has the ability to replenish at the sea. It is taken as a strong sign as a blue navy ambition. From the olden days onwards blue water navy establishes the bases to overseas and reaches it to the supply lines and also gives the repair facilities. Based on the geographical location the military importance and the value of overseas are given. The chokes which are present near to the base either in the narrow sea or enclosed seas are highly valuable. It is preferably present in eth sea lines of communication within the enemy’s striking distance. It contains more advanced operating bases and it is highly valuable.

The navy gives more support to the number of commitments worldwide continuously. Among the Asian navies, Indian navy is found to be unique and it has the more experience related to the carrier power projection from 1961 onwards. Political scientists had given the leading power projection in the region to the navy. There is an intention for India for the development of blue water navy and it has increased its presence in the Persian Gulf. They are involved in the routine organization f the anti piracy operations. They also had the partnerships with the many other navies in other region. In south and east china, the routine deployment for two or three month was conducted. In Madagascar, the navy has the listening post.

The United States navy is found to be entirely different form the other navies by means of power projection and it is called as the global blue water navy. It has the ability to operate under deep water in oceans. The navy can able to project force onto the littoral places .You can click now to read more about the maritime geography and expeditionary warfare in the recommended website.

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