FOR Reference ONLY – COURSE 1- The Montauk Course
Start East Passage Narragansett Bay, south of Rose Island
R”2″ QR Whistle, Brenton Reef to port
RW”SR”MoA Whistle, south of Sachuest Point to starboard
RW”MP” MoA WHIS, Montauk Point to port


Welcome to my blog on race courses in Great Britain. About 60 race courses are operating in the Great Britain. The race course which is currently operating in Great Britain is Towcester and there is no information about the racing in that venue. In most of the race courses, racing has been taken place which is since closed down.

R”2″ Fl R 4 sec WHIS, No Man’s Landto port Buzzards Bay Tower Fl 2.5 sec Hornto port RW”MP” MoA WHIS, Montauk Pointto starboardFinishoff Ida Lewis Yacht ClubDistance 177nm