Newport is a city which is present in the seaside located in the Aquidneck Island. Rhode Island covers approximately about 33 miles. It is otherwise called as New England summer resort and many popular mansions are present and i loved this rich sailing history very much. Both the tennis and golf U.S open tournaments have first taken place in this location. In Newport, navy training center is present which is found to be very important. The fame of the Newport is the rich port. The people of Portuguese are attracted towards the Rhode Island due to the freedom of worship in that place.

Newport is the important center for the slave trade and with the help of them sugar and molasses are produced. They carry it from the Caribbean to the Rhode Island and they converted it to rum. Nearly 30 rum distilleries are present in the Rhode Island and 22 in Newport. All the slaves were buried in the burial ground in Farewell Street which is common. About sixty percentage voyage of slave trade started form North America and later it increases to 90% which is issued by Rhode and Newport.

The density of population per square mile was 3,204.2 and has 82.5% of the racial makeup are found to white people. In Newport, colonial homes are highly concentrated in the nation. The heritage is well preserved and they are documented in the Newport Hospital Society. The city is very famous for the gilded age mansions. Based on the various styles, the summer cottages are constructed and they are copied from the different royal palaces of Europe. Touro synagogue is one of the oldest houses for the worship which belongs to Jewish. The oldest lending libraries are also present and from this many people got benefits.

The people of that city have enjoyed many outdoor activities. Island consists of number of beaches and they belong to both public and private. Easton beach is considered to be the largest public beach. Gooseberry beach belongs to the private and it is open only for certain days in the year. The city has many filming locations. The cities also have number of parks and the Brenton Point State Park is place where the kite festival is celebrated every year. Women open tennis held in the Newport. In Newport, the international tennis hall is present and it is popular one. Museum of yachting is present and hosted the festival.