1. Match Racing: It is a short 20-minute race wherein two boats of identical types contest with each other.  The first one to cross the finish line will be the winner.
  2. Team Racing: Normally two teams with three racing boats each compete with each other in team racing.  Fast and prudent decision-making skills, as well as good boat handling qualities, are needed for team race contestant.  The cumulative score of each team would determine the winning team.
  3. Fleet racing: It is the common form of boat racing.  Hop over to this site to know full details on fleet racing.  Fleet racing can be for any length of time duration.  All the contestants can be either identical boats or different types of boats.
  4. Oceanic and Offshore sailing: Basically, these two types are long-distance racing covering at least 800 miles.  Offshore sailing is conducted on protected waters and is safer than oceanic racing.  There are special regulations for offshore racing which the contestants should adhere.
  5. Disabled sailing: Good news is that even people with disabilities can participate in sailing races.  You should have heard about Paralympic game-type events.  However, few of the disabled who have more capacity to withstand fared well when compared with similar contestants.
  6. Cruising: It is a long-distance sail crossing numerous oceans and nations.  Because of this factor, the contestants should update themselves with safety concerns against piracy.


Piracy is a dangerous threat which sailing racers face very often.  The following points can help in protecting themselves from pirates:

  1. At the nighttime, do not display any valuable item on the boat. You can remove the outboard and keep it out of sight.
  2. The boarding ladder can be lifted up. This is one easy trick to prevent pirates from entering the race boat.
  3. The crew head should inspect the boat and if he feels that few internal cabins can cause safety issues, it is better to keep them locked.
  4. Nowadays infrared alarms are available which can be easily fixed in the cockpit and can be used in case of emergency.
  5. When you are not sure about the nearing boat, set up an anchor and start watching. Analyze the situation and find out the safest course to steer and push off immediately.


Carrying weapons along board has its disadvantages while sailing race.  Hence it is better to avoid using them.