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FOR Reference ONLY – COURSE 1- The Montauk Course
Start East Passage Narragansett Bay, south of Rose Island
R”2″ QR Whistle, Brenton Reef to port
RW”SR”MoA Whistle, south of Sachuest Point to starboard
RW”MP” MoA WHIS, Montauk Point to port


Welcome to my blog on race courses in Great Britain. About 60 race courses are operating in the Great Britain. The race course which is currently operating in Great Britain is Towcester and there is no information about the racing in that venue. In most of the race courses, racing has been taken place which is since closed down.

R”2″ Fl R 4 sec WHIS, No Man’s Landto port Buzzards Bay Tower Fl 2.5 sec Hornto port RW”MP” MoA WHIS, Montauk Pointto starboardFinishoff Ida Lewis Yacht ClubDistance 177nm


Newport is a city which is present in the seaside located in the Aquidneck Island

Newport is a city which is present in the seaside located in the Aquidneck Island. Rhode Island covers approximately about 33 miles. It is otherwise called as New England summer resort and many popular mansions are present and i loved this rich sailing history very much. Both the tennis and golf U.S open tournaments have first taken place in this location. In Newport, navy training center is present which is found to be very important. The fame of the Newport is the rich port. The people of Portuguese are attracted towards the Rhode Island due to the freedom of worship in that place.

Newport is the important center for the slave trade and with the help of them sugar and molasses are produced. They carry it from the Caribbean to the Rhode Island and they converted it to rum. Nearly 30 rum distilleries are present in the Rhode Island and 22 in Newport. All the slaves were buried in the burial ground in Farewell Street which is common. About sixty percentage voyage of slave trade started form North America and later it increases to 90% which is issued by Rhode and Newport.

The density of population per square mile was 3,204.2 and has 82.5% of the racial makeup are found to white people. In Newport, colonial homes are highly concentrated in the nation. The heritage is well preserved and they are documented in the Newport Hospital Society. The city is very famous for the gilded age mansions. Based on the various styles, the summer cottages are constructed and they are copied from the different royal palaces of Europe. Touro synagogue is one of the oldest houses for the worship which belongs to Jewish. The oldest lending libraries are also present and from this many people got benefits.

The people of that city have enjoyed many outdoor activities. Island consists of number of beaches and they belong to both public and private. Easton beach is considered to be the largest public beach. Gooseberry beach belongs to the private and it is open only for certain days in the year. The city has many filming locations. The cities also have number of parks and the Brenton Point State Park is place where the kite festival is celebrated every year. Women open tennis held in the Newport. In Newport, the international tennis hall is present and it is popular one. Museum of yachting is present and hosted the festival.




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Let us see the different types of sailing races in detail:

  1. Match Racing: It is a short 20-minute race wherein two boats of identical types contest with each other.  The first one to cross the finish line will be the winner.
  2. Team Racing: Normally two teams with three racing boats each compete with each other in team racing.  Fast and prudent decision-making skills, as well as good boat handling qualities, are needed for team race contestant.  The cumulative score of each team would determine the winning team.
  3. Fleet racing: It is the common form of boat racing.  Hop over to this site to know full details on fleet racing.  Fleet racing can be for any length of time duration.  All the contestants can be either identical boats or different types of boats.
  4. Oceanic and Offshore sailing: Basically, these two types are long-distance racing covering at least 800 miles.  Offshore sailing is conducted on protected waters and is safer than oceanic racing.  There are special regulations for offshore racing which the contestants should adhere.
  5. Disabled sailing: Good news is that even people with disabilities can participate in sailing races.  You should have heard about Paralympic game-type events.  However, few of the disabled who have more capacity to withstand fared well when compared with similar contestants.
  6. Cruising: It is a long-distance sail crossing numerous oceans and nations.  Because of this factor, the contestants should update themselves with safety concerns against piracy.


Piracy is a dangerous threat which sailing racers face very often.  The following points can help in protecting themselves from pirates:

  1. At the nighttime, do not display any valuable item on the boat. You can remove the outboard and keep it out of sight.
  2. The boarding ladder can be lifted up. This is one easy trick to prevent pirates from entering the race boat.
  3. The crew head should inspect the boat and if he feels that few internal cabins can cause safety issues, it is better to keep them locked.
  4. Nowadays infrared alarms are available which can be easily fixed in the cockpit and can be used in case of emergency.
  5. When you are not sure about the nearing boat, set up an anchor and start watching. Analyze the situation and find out the safest course to steer and push off immediately.


Carrying weapons along board has its disadvantages while sailing race.  Hence it is better to avoid using them.


Over 40 Boats to Start Friday Off Fort Adams


Race boats are designed especially for racing purposes.  The main part of a sailboat is called Hull.  It is made using wood, fiberglass or metal.  A good hull ensures good performance like Qprofit System and the boat can easily win the race.  Let us go into details of the IL race.

NEWPORT, R.I. (August 15, 2016) – Take a lunch break on Friday, August 19 and watch the start of the Ida Lewis Distance Race beginning at 12:30 off Fort Adams State Park. Over 40 boats in four divisions – IRC, PHRF Spinnaker, Double-Handed and Cruising Spinnaker – will jockey for best positions on the starting line just like in


What do you like most about offshore/overnight sailing

What do you like most about offshore/overnight sailing?” Answer this question in your own words with regard to the parameters noted below, and create a video essay or documentary no longer than five minutes in length.

Here are the findings from the above question– extra breeziness of the air, high tides, scenic view of the sea under moonlight or any other factor.  Enjoying the night sea is altogether a different experience while sailing.  As a young sailor, you get to see the numerous challenges handled by the experienced team members.  Refer to the below rules for the contest.

Official Rules:

The contest is free to participate in and open to any sailors between 14 and 20 years of age that are racing in the 2014 Ida Lewis Distance Race