The 2010 edition of the Ida Lewis Distance Race will feature a 177nm and 150nm race course over some of the most storied and beautiful sailing grounds in the world. With a spectacular start off Fort Adams in Narragansett Bay, the race includes turning marks at Castle Hill, Brenton Reef, Block Island, Montauk Point, Martha’s Vineyard and Buzzards Tower on its way to a signature champagne finish inside Newport Harbor off the historic Ida Lewis Yacht Club.

Let us study the general rules related to sailing races in detail:

  1. Safety rules: If any contestant or another boat is in risk, it is the responsibility of every other contestant to extend all possible help to save lives in danger.  Every boat should carry sufficient life-saving equipment.  Each of the crew members has individual responsibility in wearing a floatation device.


  1. Fair sportsmanship: Every contestant should adhere to fair practices of sportsmanship while engaging in a sailing race.  Browse around this site to know more details.
  2. Rules acceptance: By participating in the race, each contestant indirectly accepts rules of a sailing race.  If a child contests, the parents have an indirect binding that they had accepted the rules and have permitted the child to participate.  This is applicable for members below 18 years of age.  Also, the crew head should ensure that support persons are aware of the sailing rules.
  3. Anti-doping: The anti-doping code generally applies to all sailing races.  Hence drugs and alcohol should be avoided.
  4. Anti-corruption and betting: Following betting and corruptive practices in the race are strictly prohibited as it spoils the entire sportsmanship spirit of the race.
  5. Rules when boats meet: There are specific rules like when boats are on the same tack and overlapped, a leeward boat shall be cleared off by a windward boat.  Every contesting boat should acquire its right way and avoid contact with the opponent boat.

The race’s sixth edition is scheduled for Friday, August 20 2010, with classes for IRC, PHRF (including Cruising Spinnaker), One Design (including Club Swan 42) and Double-Handed boats of 28 feet or longer. It is a qualifier for the New England Lighthouse Series (PHRF); the Northern and Double-Handed Ocean Racing Trophies (IRC); and the US-IRC Gulf Stream Series.

Friends and family are invited to follow the finish from the deck of the Ida Lewis Yacht Club during a Lobster Fest Saturday evening.

Put the date on your calendar!