AUGUST 20, 2010


The Officers and Members of the Ida Lewis Yacht Club invite you to participate in the sixth Ida Lewis Distance Race starting Friday, August 20, 2010.

The start will be in the East Passage of Narragansett Bay with the first Warning Signal at 1200.

This race is a 2010 Gulf Stream Series event (IRC), and a qualifying event for the Northern Ocean Racing Trophy (NORT) (IRC), the Double-Handed North Ocean Racing Trophy (DNORT) (IRC) and the New England Lighthouse Series (PHRF). Details of these series can be found at

Race headquarters will be located at the Ida Lewis Yacht Club, Wellington Avenue,

Newport, RI, and manned throughout the time of the race. The phone number for the ILYC dock office is (401) 846 1969.

Normally the rules of boat race mention that the participants should have undertaken at least two years training in sailing.  Few races permit only those contestants who had completed sailing courses.  Check this important site to know full details.  Proper training ensures participants are capable of handling rough weather.  Read on to know the rules of IL race.

  1. RULES: The Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2012 will apply except as any of these are altered by this Notice of Race, by the Sailing Instructions, and any subsequent amendment.




1.1      For IRC boats – IRC Rules Parts 1, 2 and 3 shall apply. Furthermore, accordance with IRC Rule a boat may carry one more spinnaker than shown on her current IRC certificate of area not greater than rated SPA without an increase in rating.




  1. For PHRF divisions – the current PHRF Regulations of the Narragansett Bay PHRF






1.3      FOR ALL BOATS, the Minimum Equipment Recommendations for Category 3 (without life rafts) of the International Sailing Federation Special Regulations Governing Offshore and Oceanic Racing , including US SAILING Prescriptions shall apply.




  1. ELIGIBILITY: The ILYC Distance Race is open to the following boats:




2.1      SINGLE HULLED VESSELS with a minimum LOA of 28 feet with auxiliary power, boats racing under PHRF shall also have a rating of 128 or lower;




2.2      DOUBLE-HANDED class must meet the specific safety requirements noted in this


Notice of Race.




(a)       Handicap Ratings – Double-Handed entries will sail with PHRF NB ratings, administered by the handicap review committee of PHRF NB. The finishing position in the Double-Handed class(es) in the regatta will be determined based on PHRF. Double-Handed boats wishing to qualify for the DNORT may submit current IRC certificates and will be scored as IRC in addition to PHRF.




(b)       Radar Reflectors – Radar Reflectors are to be displayed at all times during the race on


Double-Handed entries.




(c)       The Double-Handed Division, and this division only, may use autopilots while racing.






2.3      In addition, a boat must be owned by a member of US Sailing, ISAF, or a yacht club


affiliated (directly or indirectly) with one or more of those associations.








(a)       Shall be sponsored by a USSA  recognized yacht club or community sailing organization as evidenced by an entry form signed by a flag officer or authorized representative of the organization.




(b)       Shall meet requirements of the PHRF fleet




(c)       The crew must consist of a minimum of:


two adults, one of whom must be designated as the Captain;

More than half of the crew shall be individuals who have reached their 14th birthday but not their 19th birthday prior to August 20, 2010.



(d)       All Youth competitors shall have attended a pre-race meeting on Thursday, August 19, 2010 held at Ida Lewis Yacht club following the skippers meeting. Furthermore, they are strongly encouraged to attend the Storm Trysail Club Junior Safety at Sea seminar which will be held in Newport earlier in the week of the race.




  1. SAFETY: Boats must comply with the January 2010-December 2011 ISAF Offshore Committee Special Regulations, Race Category 3 Monohulls (without life rafts), including US SAILING prescriptions or other standards listed in this Notice of Race.




3.1      It shall be the sole and inescapable responsibility of the owner and master of each boat to declare that she is seaworthy in hull, rig and gear and that she is properly equipped and competently manned and sailed.




3.2      Boats must carry sufficient fuel aboard at the start to provide a cruising range under power of 75 nautical miles.




3.3      A Finish Declaration and Participant Waiver will be provided to each entrant. The Race Committee must receive the Participant Waiver signed by all crew members by 0900 hrs on August 20, 2010.




3.4      Some means must exist for supporting the boom in the event of a sudden failure of the mainsail. Topping lifts or solid vangs are acceptable for this purpose.




3.5      All crew members on Youth Challenge boats shall wear USCG approved life vests at all times when on deck.




  1. ENTRIES: The Entry form is available and should be completed online via links from the Ida Lewis Long Distance Race web site, Entries should be received no later than August 6, 2010. Entries received after August 6th will be subject to a $50 late fee, entries received after August 13th will be subject to an $100 late fee. For last minute entries, entry forms will be available at the Ida Lewis Dock office prior to the Skippers’ Meeting.




4.1      The Entry Form must be accompanied by a valid PHRF (Narragansett Bay PHRF) or IRC certificate and the entry fee. The entry fee, based on LOA, is delineated below.




Entry LOA                       US Sailing Members      Non US Sailing Members


Less than 50”                               $250                                              $275


50’-69′                                      $350                                              $380


Greater Than 69”                      $500                                  $550




A boat’s LOA is to be rounded to the lower whole number (i.e. 29.01′ = 29′ and 29.99′ = 29′) for the purpose of determining entry fees.




4.2      No refunds will be given after August 6, 2010.








5.1      A valid IRC rating certificate must be on file with the Ida Lewis Yacht Club Race Committee by 1730 on August 19, 2010. No alteration of a boat’s TCC will be permitted after this date, except as a result of a rating protest, or to correct rating office errors.




5.2      PHRF Boats will be scored based on ratings assigned by PHRF association of Narragansett Bay.




5.3      A valid signed PHRF Certificate or a special event rating application must be on file with the Ida Lewis Yacht Club Race Committee and the PHRF association of Narragansett Bay by 1730 on the August 19, 2010.




5.4      PHRF Spinnaker and Cruising Spinnaker Divisions. Special classes will be formed at the discretion of the Race Committee. Cruising Spinnaker Classes must have 4 or more entries.  Classes will be formed under the divisions based upon the number of entries. Cruising Spinnaker class will be defined as full crewed PHRF vessels racing with not more than one headsail rigged on a roller furler and either one conventional spinnaker flown from a conventional spinnaker pole or one asymmetric spinnaker tacked on the bow.




  1. COURSE 1-The Montauk Course-


Start – East Passage Narragansett Bay, south of Rose Island


R”2” QR Whistle, Brenton Reef                                        to port


RW”SR”MoA Whistle, south of Sachuest Point             to starboard


RW”MP” MoA WHIS, Montauk Point                             to port


R”2” Fl R 4 sec WHIS, No Man’s Land                           to port


Buzzards Bay Tower Fl 2.5 sec Horn                               to port


RW”MP” MoA WHIS, Montauk Point                             to starboard


Finish – off Ida Lewis Yacht Club                                     Distance 177 nm




  1. COURSE 2 –Block Island Course


Start – East Passage Narragansett Bay, south of Rose Island


R“2” QR Whistle, Brenton Reef                                    to port


RW“SR”MoA Whistle, south of Sachuest Point             to starboard


RW“MP” MoA WHIS, Montauk Point                           to port


R“2” Fl R 4 sec WHIS, No Man’s Land                         to port


“Buzzards” Fl 2.5 sec Horn                                            to port


RW“A” MoA WHIS, SE of Block Island                       to starboard


Finish – Off Ida Lewis Yacht Club                                Distance 150nm




  1. SAILING INSTRUCTIONS: A representative from each boat shall report to the Administration desk located at the Ida Lewis Yacht Club between the hours of 1700-1800 hrs on Thursday, August 19, 2010, to register their vessel and receive the sailing instructions, skipper’s packets, and scratch sheets.




8.1      Sailing instructions will also be available on the Ida Lewis Yacht Club website (




  1. AWARDS:


9.1      Awards will be presented to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd corrected finishers in each class, including the Youth Challenge, as well as perpetual trophies for overall division winners and first yacht to finish.




9.2      Trophies will be presented at the awards ceremony at the Ida Lewis Yacht Club on Saturday, August 21, at 1930 hrs. All participants in the race as well as their families and guests are invited to attend.










1700 – 1800:                            REGISTRATION


1800:                            SKIPPER’S MEETING






0800-1000:     Breakfast at ILYC. Tickets must be purchased from the ILYC Dock Office.


1200:                            WARNING SIGNAL – Double-Handed Fleet


1230:                WARNING SIGNAL – PHRF


1300:                WARNING SIGNAL – IRC






1930:              AWARDS CEREMONY, followed by dinner at ILYC Members, competitors, friends and family are invited.  Dinner reservations are strongly recommended as capacity is limited. Tickets may be purchased via the registration form or from ILYC.








11.1    Ida Lewis Yacht Club reserves the right to prohibit any advertising that it considers distasteful or offensive.




Advertising that conflicts with any race sponsor is prohibited unless permission in writing is given by Ida Lewis Yacht Club.

Boats may be required to fly race sponsor flags while racing or be required to apply race sponsor bow stickers.

Advertising for tobacco products is prohibited.







Ida Lewis Yacht Club Commodore


Michael G. Muessel




Ida Lewis Yacht Club Race Committee Chair


Sharon Pavignano




Ida Lewis Distance Race Chairman


Dirk Johnson




Principal Race Officer


Peter Gerard




Head Judge/Safety Officer


Commodore Robert Conner




Club Manager – Mark Kellner


Ida Lewis Yacht Club


P.O. Box 479 Newport, RI 02840


Ph. (401) 846-1969 Fax: (401) 847-8234








US-IRC Management Committee,


PO Box 5, Tiverton, RI 02878


Ph. (401) 816-0421 Fax: (401) 816-0423